Hieno, Japan
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Asia Style Collection ’13

Heya pretty dudes and babes! Apologies for the long hiatus! I was so freakin’ busy recently. Last last weekend Ciramisu, CeCe Ann, bff and I went to ASIA STYLE COLLECTION!


AKB48 performing their hearts out. They are so freaking young!

So…Today I’m gg to blog about Asia Style Collection 2013–Tokyo Girls’ Collection. Well if you google the korean part of the show, there would be tons and tons of pictures on SNSD and 2NE1, so I am not going to blog about those. Haha! I think the Tokyo Girls’ Collection is super duper underrated!!!

Watch the  Tokyo Girls’ Collection

…And they came all the way down to Singapore!!!



Here are some background. There are a couple of top fashion models in japan, and my favorites of course are– Ebihara  Yuri, Lena Fujii, Lola!! and Tsubasa-chan. They are all so cute and never seem to get old! Lena, Lola and Tsubasa-chan all came to grace the Tokyo Girls’ Collection. Ok but I’m still going to blog about Ebihara Yuri first, anyway.


Ebihara Yuri–She is wayyyy gorgeous and super duper humble!! 🙂 She’s an ANESSA, Shiseido and Tsubaki girl, and also did super duper loads of modelling for CanCam and AneCan. Love her smile. She was once quoted as saying “If someone finds that I am not cute, I will find out why, and do my best to improve”.  Ebi-chan!!!! Come to Singapore next time yea!!~~ ❤


Next is ROLA!!! Okay firstly, I have to apologise for not having better photos. I was sitting at a Category B seat and have to super zoom to get her gorgeous pics!!! And fotor went to make my file resolution even smaller T.T. But Lola is vivacious and nothing short of gorgeous!~~<3


The cutest, cutest, cutest Tsubasa-chan~~ ❤ Founder of Dollywink, Candydoll and she IS milkybunny. She’s very very very charismatic and cute!


Lena Fujii–Always the chic and confident CANMAKE girl!~~ ❤

Okay, that’s all for today!~ ASC really made my day :)))) Next time when Ebi-chan comes to Singapore, let me know kk! I’d fly back 😀

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