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Taipei! ~UFO Special~


I am going to blog briefly about UFO catching–and tricks machines use to prevent you from winning– in Taipei!! I’d visited the capital briefly at the start of May for a friend’s wedding. UFO catchers in Taipei costs 10TWD to play–and that’s approximately 0.43SGD. It is therefore a steal if you want to calm the UFO-crazy addiction in you!~ And by that I mean just having the adrenaline from operating the claws and NOT winning anything itself.


Yeah, the above applies to my having to make it a habit NOT to go crazy with UFO-catching. I’m really addicted!~ Anyway, if you play to win, then Taiwan might not be such a good idea 😀 Here are some of the places I went:



This UFO catcher is found outside Xin Bei Tou MRT station. It is totally scammy!!! See the girl there? She spent more than 5 minutes at this machine trying to catch a really ugly toy, AND refused to give up! Her efforts were unfortunately, futile.  I was standing next to her after we changed money, challenging this machine. And after playing twice, I got this result:

bleah ufo

Which makes you want to try more right? Wrong. The chain was hidden underneath another toy, making it impossible to move. So in total I spent around 5 tries on this machine and moved on.


Oh and I ADORE this picture!!! All the frowning rabbits!! But it is impossible to catch them really, as they are situated too far from the hole.

So…for XinBeiTou– Adrenaline factor: 4/5.  Rationality: 3/5


♥ RaoHe Night Market

I lOVE this market. It has around 5-6 speciality shop specially meant for UFO-catching. Much more than your Ximending, Shi Lin Night Market and all.

Yet…you thought you have kiapped this, right? Wrong!




The claw will release the toy 1 second before reaching the hole. So you don’t get anything at all, really!

But I got the rilakkuma, after four rounds of trying!~ And that is because I have experience. So for the non-experienced people, be warned~ It is such a !!!!!!!!!!!!! feeling.

Rao He Night Market– Adrenaline factor: 3/5.  Rationality: 3/5


Well there is one place where I strongly recommend, but because they ban cameras, we couldn’t take pictures. The place is known as “SEGAWORLD in DA JIANG“, which is located at Metrowalk mall, near Tao Yuan airport. That place is simply the best!!! We caught two rabbits and one rilakkuma there which totally made my day.


Yes, yes, and I went to Metrowalk with my luggage. 😀 I love funny looking rabbits like that!! 😀 And best part, I have a matching bigger pair of rabbits at home! It was my valentine day’s gift to niko, and he took the bigger black (given name is Wabbit) while I took the bigger pink (Given name Nabbit). And so now we have the bigger Pink one at home and Bigger Black one in Finland.

with mom

Anyway we name the kids Nabbito and Wabitto. ♥

SEGAWORLD– Adrenaline factor: 5/5.  Rationality: 4/5

OKIE that’s all on UFO-catching, folks!~~ Look out for the next post on weddings!~

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  1. Bonchan says

    You should so write a guide to UFO machines and send it to some travel site! 😉

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