Month: May 2013

The Wedding Post!

Okay folks! Today i am going to blog about three weddings I’d recently attended– Singaporean Indian, Taiwanese and South Korean. I’m 25 this year, and soooo many precious people around me are starting to get married; so I have decided to blog about it to spread the joy!~~ ❤ This traditional cake picture is for my sister’s wedding… 🙂 …next month, Thank GOD!! 😀 At least I can take a simple break from this attending-wedding frenzy! 😀 —————————~~~ First up…the Magnificent Indian Wedding! The above is a really smart idea: A guest book which has your photos and comments!! 😀 They take your photo instantly, right before you write your words of blessings for the new couple. We took our photos before we entered the hall. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Indian weddings!!! They are so colourful and happy and filled with blessings. Most of the guests are dressed really in colourful saris and all, and everywhere were eye candies 😀 And as compared to the Chinese weddings, they are efficient. Basically our wedding feast …

Taipei! ~UFO Special~

Moi!~♥ I am going to blog briefly about UFO catching–and tricks machines use to prevent you from winning– in Taipei!! I’d visited the capital briefly at the start of May for a friend’s wedding. UFO catchers in Taipei costs 10TWD to play–and that’s approximately 0.43SGD. It is therefore a steal if you want to calm the UFO-crazy addiction in you!~ And by that I mean just having the adrenaline from operating the claws and NOT winning anything itself. Yeah, the above applies to my having to make it a habit NOT to go crazy with UFO-catching. I’m really addicted!~ Anyway, if you play to win, then Taiwan might not be such a good idea 😀 Here are some of the places I went: ♥ XIN.BEI.TOU This UFO catcher is found outside Xin Bei Tou MRT station. It is totally scammy!!! See the girl there? She spent more than 5 minutes at this machine trying to catch a really ugly toy, AND refused to give up! Her efforts were unfortunately, futile.  I was standing next to …

♥Hyvää Yötä Ja Huomenta♥

This is one of my favorite Finnish songs. Enjoy!!~ ♥ Translation ♥ Stay for tonight; It seems like something is keeping you here – bulletproof hearts are yet to be invented. If you are carrying the biggest dream with you Only this moment remains And only what you do now is important Chorus: Good night and good morning now Later, you’ll have the time to sleep The hours, 24 of them are wishing you lots of luck Good night good morning, now Just don’t give up, not just yet Everything does have its price ; But nothing is yet impossible You know when they say, “no, you cannot bring back the past” or “it is not worth it” “to lie in the ground”; “waiting for the coming?” If there’s someone you whom you really care for Well, hang on to them Just don’t listen to those cynics, no Bulletproof hearts are yet to be invented Doesn’t make sense being afraid of a shot For loneliness will carve the same hole in you Modified from Source♥

New Home~

Apologies for the long hiatus; I’d been working on my blog’s revamp!~~ Though at last, THANK GOD! I’d managed my move to wordpress from blogger! Reason for move? Simply put–formatting. In future therefore, please visit to read my blog yea!~ I will only be moving one post here– Mr. Juha’s interview– because it is really troublesome to move everything. But rest assured more exciting articles will be coming your way! with Love! TheHieno.